We are a family owned and operated business who pride themselves on manufacturing the highest quality, American-made steel parts. Our shop owner, Russ Tiede, has been a machinist in the Aerospace industry for over 35 years, and decided it was time to open up his own business in 2011. Since then, we have been primarily machining after-market Glock slides, originally to fill the need for those who wanted their Glock to facilitate Red-Dot sites. Now with the help of the rest of the family, GY6 precision has been able to produce more variety in after-market slides and other small arms parts. We continue to remain a small business that is efficiently run and completely committed to manufacturing high-quality, 100% American-made small batch parts.


Russ, Boss/Programmer/Machinist

He grew up in up-state New York, hunting, fishing and trapping.  In high school, his family moved to Phoenix, AZ where he graduated and immediately started work in the aerospace machining industry where he met his wife, Lorine.  They later moved to the rural Prescott area to raise their family.  Ever since, he has been working in this industry finding new challenges to overcome and eventually starting his own business in 2011, GY6 Precision, which focuses more on his passions in the gun industry.

Lorine, Professional Hand Finisher

She has also worked in the aerospace machining industry for most of her life as a burr-hand, which is how she met Russ.  As a talented hand finisher, the shop could not have made it without her often under-rated skills, and as a supportive wife and mother, she makes sure everyone in the shop stays happy and fed.

Meggin, Machine Operator/Burr-Hand/Office Administrator, etc.

The oldest daughter of Lorine and Russ, she does a little of everything at the shop.  After moving to Alaska for 5 years and getting her degree in Accounting, she has been a Buyer in the outdoor industry for over 10 years.  She takes care of most office duties, runs machines, and helps in Burr when needed.

Gaston, Set-up and Machine Operator 

The only son of Russ and Lorine and the youngest of three, he graduated high school and hurriedly took a seasonal job in Alaska with a world-renowned guiding service.  Though hunting and the outdoors is his passion, he decided joining the Army would provide him with the most opportunities while serving his country.  Here, he would become an Army Sniper and serve in Afghanistan.  No longer wanting to be away from his kids, he was honorably discharged after 8 years and he decided to pursue a career in the machining industry helping the family business.

Chaz, Heat Treat Specialist and all other things

The day he started with GY6 Precision, he became a part of the family.  He has experience in a lot of industries, including the oil industry.  Now he works locally in Prescott, Arizona as a Heat-Treat Specialist and does everything in our shop from running machines to glass beading to any handy-man task.  He is an invaluable part of GY6 and is everyone’s right-hand man.



Our product is literally 100% American made from start to finish. From the American steel stock that we use to the American hands that machine, inspect, and handle the parts, everything is done in house or locally in Arizona.